I actually do Bikram Yoga. It’s where for 90 minutes you do Yoga in a 105 degree heated room. I put LUCA Lips on before I go in and 90 minutes later, it’s still on! Talk about fighting dehydrated lips! Go LUCA! – Pat S. Allentown, PA

As a Tri-Athelete, I am constantly buying sunscreen. I swear by LUCA Max Sport! Being a heavy sweater, I can’t believe that I have absolutely no eye irritation! When you told us we could literally spray LUCA Sunscreen’s Max Sport directly in your eyes, I thought that was crazy! But it really works! Now it’s the only Sunscreen product I use whether I am training or not! – Barbara W. Kansas City, MO

LUCA’s Continuous Spray is amazing! I just got back from a trip to Coasta Rica and we were at the beach all day every day for a week! The entire family sprayed down with LUCA’s Continuous Spray Sunscreen and we didn’t have one missed burned spot! I love that it’s non-aerosol and can spray from any direction! Thank you! – Kim G. Denver, CO

I just can’t thank you enough for all your help. You have truly blessed us! I honestly don’t know what I would do without LUCA daily moisturizer, SPF 15! A few months ago I was diagnosed with Sjogren’s syndrome, an immune system disease and allergies on top of it, and absolutely no other sunblock I have tried works without giving me hives. My kids also have sensitive skin, and would sometimes break out in rashes or eczema from other products as well. I appreciate that this product gives us the best protection from the sun available. I have been using the LUCA SPF15 as a facial moisturizer. LUCA works wonderfully! – M.H. Scott, Air Force Base, IL

Thank you for developing LUCA Sunscreen . I love it! It absorbs very quickly, and it doesn’t feel oily or heavy on my skin. Recently, we drove to Utah, a 13 hour trip, during a heat wave. I was, in the sun for those hours for two days. The skin on my face and arms never even turned pink, and I was wearing short sleeves. I’m very fair, and LUCA daily moisturizer, SPF 30 has made it possible for me to garden without worry. Thanks again! – Kay R., Atascadero, CA

I really love your product. I have used it in Hawaii, Florida and Phoenix and did not experience any sun related “bumps” or breakouts. A real bonus, as I have had vacations ruined because of such outbreaks. If anyone asks me, I spread the word about your product. – R.C. Orland Park, IL

I have two boys, ages 2 and 3 (and another on the way!). Our family hangs out at the desert, beach and river a lot on weekends, and the LUCA sunscreen has come in real handy. It protects their little bodies from the sun, and we’ve had nothing but great results with the product. – Dana K., Age 30, San Diego, CA

My wife and I love that it doesn’t streak or form droplets that seep into our eyes as we run. I’ve used LUCA running 13 miles, at sub 7.0min miles, and it doesn’t drip or annoy me. – David S., Age 36, Washington D.C.

From a consumer’s point of view, I love to support local small businesses, especially women that are a part of the entrepreneurial spirit. From a massage therapist point of view: I am very health conscious and environmentally aware of the products I use. I love the fact that LUCA is pure, only the best ingredients and yet provides maximum protection. That’s why I have decided to incorporate LUCA into MoM, my pre-natal day spa in Charleston, SC. – Christy S., Age 37, Charleston, SC

My skin is is extra sensitive, so I am wary of putting anything new on it. But LUCA Sunscreen feels as pure and natural as water. I don’t bake myself in the sun anymore, but I know that the everyday exposure from just living in the south can be dangerous. So I often mix LUCA Sunscreen with my foundation, and I also use it as total Sunscreen. It’s hard to believe that many common brands of sunscreen actually don’t protect you from the worst rays — the ones that cause cancer and aging. Well, you get what you pay for, and LUCA Sunscreen is worth every penny. In fact we are giving it as a gift to a friend who recently had cancer removed from his lip. Hopefully all Americans will soon learn the truth about sunscreens! – Regina R. Charleston, SC

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