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MarkBeattie-150x150After meeting and learning about LUCA’s story from LUCA Sunscreen founder Dr. Karl Gruber and business partner Wim Kellett in late 2008, Mark Beattie wanted to be associated with these excellent brands and product line. Mark knew that he would be able to expand the LUCA story and introduce the products in South Africa.

In 2006 Mark Beattie made the transition from the sports industry as a pro golfer on The PGA European tour to a sales and marketing entrepreneur. His strategic thinking, discipline, and determination in sports served as great attributes for the cross over to international business. He is an adept leader with excellent skills in strategic brand management, negotiation, customer and consumer relationships for LUCA products.

Mark became the international distributor of Luca Sunscreen and LUCA Lash in 2009. To date he has LUCA Sunscreen products in Dermatologist offices across South Africa and LUCA Lash distribution in Edgar’s Red Square stores, Sorbet and many others.

Mark’s Specialties include Strategic Brand management, Negotiation and Customer & Consumer relationships.

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