LUCA® teams up with the PGA South Africa

IvanoIvano Ficalbi, reigning PGA National champion and CEO of the Professional Golfers Association of South Africa, and Mark Beattie, former professional European Tour golfer, and President of Mark Beattie Inv (exclusive distributor of all LUCA® Sunscreen products), congratulate each other on the partnering of the PGA South Africa and LUCA® Sunscreen. LUCA® Sunscreen is the accredited sunscreen product line for the PGA South Africa.

South African National Champion Ivano Ficalbi has a wealth of PGA knowledge and a very impressive résumé. He was director of golf at Zebula Coutry Club, head professional at Sun City, programme director of the Dale Hayes Golf School of Excellence and managing director of Dale Hayes Golf Events. Ficalbi replaced Dennis Bruyns an interim CEO in August 2011, and officially took the reigns in November 2011. Congratulations Ivano!